HYCON Tutorial Session

Hybrid Control of Networked Embedded Systems

The tutorial on "Hybrid control of networked embedded systems" presented an integrated view of recent developments in the area of hybrid control, motivated by four applications to complex, embedded systems. The workshop started with overview presentations by Francoise Lamnabhi-Lagarrigue (CNRS) and John Lygeros (University of Patras), which highlighted the structure of the workshop and surveyed research directions in the area of hybrid control. These were followed by four presentations on applications of hybrid control to complex, embedded systems. George Papafotiou (ETH) presented recent work on the adaptation of model predictive control methods to the control of power electronics. Olaf Stursberg (University of Dortmund) then presented applications of hybrid control methods to industrial process control. Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli (PARADES and U.C. Berkeley) gave a presentation of hybrid control problems in automotive applications. The last presentation in the session was given by Karl-Henrik Johansson (KTH), on hybrid issues in the areas of control of systems over communication networks and the control of communication networks themselves. The session was very well attended, with about 150 conference participants following the majority of the presentations. In addition, an extensive paper was published in the European Journal of Control, 11 (4) pp. 478-508, summarizing the highlights of all the presentations given at the workshop.