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Industrial Associate Partners

Becoming a HYCON Industrial Associate Partner

HYCON is highly focused on impact on industry. Two workpackages deal expressly with industrial applications: WP4, covering four application domains (energy management, automotive, industrial control and networked control), and WP6, which is devoted to facilitating the interaction between HYCON and the industrial world, the latter being the ultimate beneficiary of advances in technology.

The goal of the industry engagement activity is not only receiving generic expressions of interests, but more importantly is to understand the specific expectations from HYCON, the desired degree of involvement, the kind of collaboration each industry is interested in. To this purpose, the affiliation procedure includes a questionnaire to be complied by the industry where interests and commitments are expressed. The adopted procedure guarantees that no industrial interest is frustrated and that each contributor is participating in the most convenient form according to its capabilities and financial strength. In particular, after extensive consultation with industry, four different types of affiliations are identified and proposed:

Industry interested in HYCON activities are welcome to join HYCON as Industrial Associate Partners. Please download, compile and send us the affiliation letter and the questionnaire that we will use to understand how to structure the interaction with your company in a way that maximizes the use of your time and effort. By the the fields of interest checked in the questionnaire we will be able to set our expectations right and planning our activities with you and your company.

We thank you in advance for the help in making HYCON a success.

HYCON Industrial Associate Partners

The current status of industry affiliation to HYCON:

HYCON Premium Member Companies

ABB Zurich, CH www.abb.com WP4a
Fiat Research Centre Orbassano, I www.crf.it WP4c
Dana Arco, I www.dana.com WP4c
Danfoss Nordborg, D www.danfoss.com WP4b
Drivetrain Innovations Hortsen, NL www.dtinnovations.nl WP4c
Ford Motor Corporation Aachen, G www.ford.com WP4c
Magneti Marelli Powertrain Bologna, I www.magnetimarelli.com WP4c
Scania AB Södertälje, SE www.scania.com WP4c
Swedish Defence Research Agency Stockholm, S www.foi.se  WP4b,c

HYCON Full Member Companies

Bayer Technology Services Leverkusen, G  www.bayertechnology.com WP4b
Bombardier Transportation Västerås, S www.transport.bombardier.com WP4a
Ericsson EAB www.ericsson.com WP4d
Selenia Communications Genova, I  www.seleniacomms.com WP4d
Thales Italia Chieti, I www.thalesgroup.com WP4d

HYCON Associate Member Companies

Ferrari Gestione Sportiva Maranello, I www.ferrari.it  WP4c
Micron Technology   www.micron.com WP4d
Pirelli Labs Milano, I www.pirelli.com WP4a,b,c,d
Siemens The Hague, NL www.siemens.com WP4b
Swedish Space Corporation Solna, SE www.ssc.se WP4b,c
The MathWorks Cambridge, UK www.mathworks.co.uk  WP4a,b,c,d

HYCON Connected Companies

TNO Automotive Helmond, NL www.tno.nl WP4c